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Krunchy Games is a small team run in Victoria by a nerdy paramedic who loves games.


Chris Fielder is the Creative Director at Krunchy Games.

Krunchy Games makes use of the services of many talented artists from all over the world.

Ascendant Destiny Artists:

Alexandru “Andyweasel” Munteanu

Ang Hor Kheng

Andrea Santpietro

Chen Ruo Yu

Danny Silva

Dave Peterson

Kyle Krauter

Luiz Prado

Madison Munn

Mark Wroblewski

Octavio Cordova “adreamteller” Cavagnaro

Joel Chaim Holtzman


Crayne: Fractured Empire Artists:

Luiz Prado

Matthew Burger

Steven Ulbricht

Andrew Davenport

Zora Weir-Gertzog

Kyle Krauter

Devin Hoyt!

Crayne: Mercenaries of Mindassa Artists:

Luiz Prado

Terra Ulbricht

Andrew Davenport

Quinn Colvin

Diego Mattos

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