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Currently the game is post Kickstarter and distribution is now complete! Crayne can now be bought at retail by clicking on the image above.

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The Kickstarter Link.

Closed now

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The Facebook Site

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Crayne also comes with a massive medallion
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Crayne: Fractured Empire is a meticulously designed, high-fantasy deck-building card game for 1-6 players set in the world of Crayne, the world used by the author of Ascendant Destiny tabletop RPG.

The game has been ferociously developed and play-tested for over four and a half years to ensure immaculate balancing, and individual flavor to each faction. and comes with over 100 unique illustrations. These illustrations are set in cards that have been exquisitely designed to be easy to use and and dazzling to behold. The game will be published with 224 cards with the base set!

We adore amazing artwork and spared no expense, heavily investing (so you don't have to) in supporting these incredible artists. We have already spent over $17000 for over 100 unique pieces. Crayne features talented artists from all over the world including Luiz Prado, Matthew Burger, Steven Ulbricht, Andrew Davenport, Zora Weir-Gertzog, Kyle Krauter and Devin Hoyt!







The wonderful people at Meeple University have done a great job explaining and reviewing Crayne: Fractured Empire. 

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Crayne main ad.jpg

The Kickstarter Link

Crayne Fractured Empire FB event.jpg

The Facebook Site

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