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 The players (known as Lords) play in Rounds until all but one Lord is eliminated.  Each Round is broken down into four phases: The Assembly Phase, The Attack Phase, The Revenue Phase, and the Cleanup Phase.

  • Assembly: Playing Cards

  • Attack: Damaging and defending

  • Revenue: Buying Cards


The Assembly Phase

In this phase each player plays one card face down in front of them. Once all Lords are ready, reveal the face down card and resolve any immediate effects shown on the cards. The Lords then replenish their hands to 3 cards.

Strongholds are placed between either their left or their right Opponent. Strongholds are used to block damage from that attack.

Each player will (most likely) play 5 cards (depending on your rivals). Then we move to the Attack Phase.

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The Attack Phase

The Lords calculate the total amount of Attack from the cards that remain in play, and this is applied to your neighbors.

Your defences will block incoming damage from your neighbors.

Lords who are reduced to zero or less Influence are Eliminated from the game. Most Lords will be in similar situations, so players will not be waiting too long for revenge.

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The Revenue Phase

During the Revenue Phase Lords take it in turns to purchase new cards for their decks from the Market, the Market will be a mix of cards from a few of the factions - not all factions available. Purchasing starts with the "Overlord". To purchase new cards calculate the Lords total the amount of Revenue from the cards they played.

Each card in the Market has a cost value written in the circle at the top of the card. This is how much revenue is required to purchase the card. You - BUT -  you will receive discounts on these cards if you have discarded or used cards strategically to place them in discard pile! Each card in your discard pile that matches the same factions as those in the market will make that card cheaper.

There are also some neutral, always available cards to purchase.  

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The Cleanup Phase

During The Cleanup Phase, there are cards that will have end of turn effects, you will also move on the starting player (The "Overlord") After the Cleanup Phase a new Round begins. 

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End of the Game

The game ends when all but one Lord is eliminated.  If all remaining Lords are eliminated in one Round then the Lord who has the highest (i.e. least negative) Influence total wins.

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