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Latest News

September 26th 2023

Mercenaries of Mindassa deliveries starting this week

Greetings Lords,

We are back in stock!


We are expecting a massive shipment this week. The reprint of Crayne and it's first expansion should be arriving on our doorstep this week. The Kickstarter copies should also be on the planes by next week.

A link to the shop is below.

Intro Image - Capture[6889].jpg

July31st 2023

Playtesting and Creation of new rules 

Greetings Lords,

We are currently playtesting adding artifacts to the game of Crayne. Artifacts are passive buffs that players start with and can exchange during the game. Very enjoyable so far.

If you live in Melbourne and are interested in helping us playtest more rules and factions then send us a message. We'd be more than happy to have you at our table!


October19th 2022

Pre-Order Mercenaries of Mindassa now available

Greetings Lords,

You are now able to pre-purchase a copy of Crayne: Mercenaries of Mindassa through our website! The date we expect to get the copies of the expansion is some time in April 2023 (after the Kickstarter backers get their copy).

A link to the shop is below.

Intro Image - Capture[6889].jpg

October18th 2022

Mercenaries of Mindassa Kickstarter now closed

Greetings Lords,

Thank you all for your contributions and making this expansion possible. We will now finalise the designs and send them off to the printers.

Kickstarter finished.png

October8th 2022

Crayne is at PAX Melbourne

Greetings Lords,

We are at PAX Melbourne! Come check us out at Tabletop Games or TGDA. Meet and have a game with the creator! Share some feedback.

Crayne Promotion Photo[10000].jpg

New Rulebook is ready!

October7th 2022

Greetings Lords,

We have listened to your feedback and here it is: a revised rulebook for Crayne: Fractured Empire.

You told us that, while the game is super fun and great, the rulebook sucks! So we have rewritten it! You can get the new version of the Crayne rulebook online off the Krunchy Games website. The link is below.

Crayne: Mercenaries of Mindassa is here!

September 17th 2022


Crayne: Mercenaries of Mindassa

July 15th 2022

Greetings Lords,

The first expansion for Crayne will be coming soon. Mercenaries of Mindassa adds a new dimension to gameplay with the Mercenary Market and two new factions! Now there are even more different combinations of play! Join our pre-launch page and help us make a splash!

By joining our pre-launch we can notify you the moment Crayne: Mercenaries of Mindassa goes live on Kickstarter!

Marble Surface

Crayne's artists are hard at work once again

Novemeber 2nd 2021

Crayne's artists are back to work busily illustrating Crayne's first expansion. What will it be? Here are some of the finished pieces to spark your imagination.

Crayne Distribution Complete!

That's it! All boxes of Crayne are on their way to the backers! A big thank you to everyone that supported us during this whole process.

It will only be a matter of time now before we unveil our new project! Stay tuned.

Abstract Desert

Crayne Unboxing!

Here it is, the unboxing of the sample copy of Crayne: Fractured Empire. This is the first ever professionally printed copy of Crayne and it is provided by Eastar.

After this Crayne goes over to the 'big printer' where 1000 copies will be produced! Then we distribute them to our Kickstarter backers.


We have been told that the 'big printer' will produce even an even better quality product than the sample. Can't wait for that!

Fluffy Clouds

Crayne Samples are coming!

The sample copy of Crayne: Fractured Empire is on its way to the Krunchy Games studio. Below are some short slips that show what on the way!

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